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A Fine Art Doll Gallery From Crossroads Publishing
Angels Unawares
Audrey Swarz Originals
Cabaret Mechanical Theatre
Clift & Evelyn's Heirloom Dolls
Creager, Jodi and Richard
Delightful Machines
DOLLCO dolls
George Stuart Historical Figures
Joyce's Journey
Julie S. Porter Page
June Goodnow,ArtistDolls
Marie Claude DuPont
Marilyn Radzat
MicroCosmos dolls by Jill Nemirow-Nelson
Mimi's Dollmaker's Paradise
Old World Santas by Mountain Elves
Polymer Clay Sites
Rebecca Schumacher
Santa World
The Automata Gallery
The British Clockmaker
The Clay Factory
World of Mohair

1998 The Karan A. Schneider Collection